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"In my 20+ year career I've never met anyone more knowledgeable about the HVAC industry than Rod Tripp.  Many years ago, I may have been one of Rod's first success stories, when it comes to exam prep training.  He worked closely with me, teaching me not only questions that had previously been on the test, but about how to study, prepare, and answer any question that might arise.  I followed his instructions and, thankfully, not only passed the North Carolina mechanical exam the first time, but also the mechanical exam for Virginia and South Carolina as well. Since then I have enrolled many of my co-workers in his exam prep classes to similar successes. His teachings have been instrumental in my personal success, the success of many of the guys that I work with, and the success of my company. I get asked many times about who I turn to for advice as the owner of a heating and air conditioning company….  The answer is simple... I call Rod Tripp. He's been a friend and mentor for many years now and for him, I am very thankful."

Wes McLeod

Owner - Comfort First Heating & Cooling

"I recently attended your H3 Class 2 Prep course. I wanted to let you know that I PASSED the Business and technical portion and that I will be receiving my license!!  Your class was excellent and the resources I received from your class were excellent and your teaching skills were phenomenal!! Once I get ready to take the H3 Class 1 test I will be taking your prep course, and if I know someone that will be taking the test, I will definitely highly recommend Rod Tripp & Associates." 


Again, thank you so much!

Donnie Swearingen

All-Phase Heating and Cooling

"As the District Service Manager for Daikin Applied serving North & South Carolina, we have chosen to partner with Rod Tripp & Associates, Inc. to provide us with HVAC business license training for both of these states.   We have participated in open training sessions (other organizations attending) in addition to having one personal training session conducted by Rod in our Florence, SC office location. In the past three years, we have sent six individuals to these classes and plan to send more people to future training classes.


Not all of our staff who have attended these classes have chosen to take the licensing exams as of yet, but I personally found the study course to be very informative and beneficial to my job.  One of our employees took Rod’s course this spring and recently passed his North Carolina H2 exam. I plan to take this same H2 exam this winter, but will certainly need a refresher course first.


Finally, I wanted to extend my appreciation to Rod and his wife Marsha for their extremely professional service…. from the time of registration to the actual study class, the communication and follow up was exceptional.  I would highly recommend these study courses and Rod Tripp & Associates, Inc."

Stephen G. Heidorn

District Service Manager, Daikin Applied

"Mr. Tripp’s class gave me the confidence and structure I needed going forward to pass the H3 Exam.  He gives you the tools and knowledge in his 2- day course that really sinks in through his practice questions and combined effort of the class participants’ questions.  Unlike other prep courses I have taken, he challenges the class by taking the time to engage with each student while going into depth on each and every section needed to pass the exam.  His breakdown of the books is second to none. He takes the time to answer any question diligently and puts his real-world experience into his explanations to allow students a better understanding, so they can relate to and revert back to when taking the test.   If not for his course, study guidelines, advice and practice questions, I would not have been able to pass this exam the first time I took it. Thanks again, Rod, for all you have done and continue to do for our industry. I will continue to send all my technicians to your courses until each and every person in my department is a license holder."

Paul Rudolph

Service Manager, Mansfield Brothers Heating & A/C

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